The following are testimonials from professionals in the music industry:



"Sylvanna Fraga, sensitive pianist from whom music and technique flow with impeccable character"
Eduardo Delgado, pianist




"Sylvanna has been a pianist of strong and bright  temperament since she was very young. I, who was a pupil of the Argentine grandmaster Alberto Williams, can say  that this precious legacy of his piano technique that I have  passed on to Sylvanna from the very first day has paid off."
Marta M. P. de Curzi

Sylvanna's past piano teacher


"Sylvanas Fraga is without a doubt, one of the most  talented Argentinian musicians of her generation. Her  interpretive quality of performance combined with an  admirable sensitivity, yields an elegant grace and a  prodigious energy that would satisfy the requirements of  any composer.  Furthermore, we who know her, know full  well of her integrity, loyalty, and values which in today's  society are scarce.  Sylvanna Fraga is excellence and talent  embodied in a quality person.  This is no small  achievement."
Dr. Hugo Vergan



"The indomitable pianist and accompanist Sylvana Fraga, brings tenderness, thought and superior technique to all the  music that she endeavors. As a singer, I have experienced  her high level of preparedness and grace. She is a joy and a  gift to rehearse and perform with".
Catherine Ireland, R.N, B.M, M.M,


“Sylvanna Fraga has a formidable technique which allows  her to play without any apparent fear. Her Chopin is  impeccably clean and clear"
Dr. Joel Clifft



"I had the good fortune of meeting Sylvanna Fraga during her visit to the University of Salamanca, where she performed on stage and offered a masterclass to the university students of Musicology. I was immediately impressed by her fine sensibility and impeccable technique, which was commented by all that saw her. I can attest to her great interpretative capacity, especially in works of  Chopin and Beethoven, in which she shows her fine musical  training to meet any repertoire with the same technical  requirements."
Prof. José María García Laborda


"To call the diligent pianist Sylvanna Fraga an excellent pianist would be an understatement, as you'll come to understand if you hear her play. Sylvanna recreates every piece she plays not only flawlessly, but magically as well, captivating your imagination and bringing peace to your mind. She is also very gifted as a teacher, teaching with much dedication and emotion the fine art known as playing the piano."
Najdeh Martirousian, owner www.centralpiano.us


"If you've ever heard the work of the wonderful pianist, Sylvanna Fraga, you'll be able to not only hear, but feel her put heart into the music she orchestrates. She is not just a professional player, but she is also an earnest master of the art of playing the piano, and as a master of playing the piano, she has influenced the hearts and minds of many piano players who are still blossoming."
Vick Hovanessian, owner www.centralpiano.us


"I have been very fortunate to work closely to Sylvanna for the last 15 years, whether is recording her on the piano or vocals or participating in musical plays. I have never met someone so talented and with such a perfect pitch as herself"
Ever Giron


"When Sylvanna accompanies me, she makes it so easy for me to express my songs with her supporting piano talent. I enjoy her interpretation of the Chopin nocturnes. Her intense feeling and appreciation for the music is quite apparent and it shows in her touch as she develops the mood and "message" the composer had in mind when he created the master work"
Jim McClintock